Unleash your Voice!

Are you ready to increase your fan base within the next 6 months without investing huge amounts of money in expensive promotion?

The Rights of the Songs are YOUR'S

We use only high quality industry standard tools

Sometimes it's just incredibly difficult to stay true to yourself and believe in your dreams

We could tell you that when you work with us, everything is  easy and  all your worries will disappear!
But we know the struggle you are going through, far too well

– Fear of rejection:
The fear of being rejected by record labels, producers, audiences or your own family & friends

– Creative blocks:
Every artist experiences phases in which creativity seems to dry up

– Comparison with other artists:
Constant comparison to established or up-and-coming artists can eat away at your self-esteem

– Overwhelming self-marketing:
In today’s digital world, artists are expected to build not only their talent but also their brand.
Constant presence on social media can be very stressful

– Financial insecurity:
The volatility of income in the music business can cause tremendous stress

But just imagine...

… when your artist name becomes more and more visible 

 – all by itself, simply because your songs are so well received?
 Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every morning without a care in the world

 – after a great gig or after a perfect day in the studio?
 – Your rent is covered
 – You get feature & interview requests
 – You hear your own song on the radio?!
  How cool would that be!

Imagine, everything works together like a fine-tuned machine and you're making a living from your music!

How would it feel if you...

– actually make money with your music
– shout your messages to the world with your songs
– finally experience the appreciation you have wanted for so long
– finally showed everyone that YOU have what it takes

And what if I told you now YOU can have it all! Let's talk and we...

… analyze and discuss your needs and vision
… look for your strengths and weaknesses and your     suitable genre
… together we will develop a plan to present you in the     best possible way

After we talk, you'll get suggestions and an offer about what it would look like to work together. You will definitely get added value from our feedback, whether we work together or not!

Your advantages at a glance


No matter where you are, which country you are in - we can coach, support and produce you - anywhere in the world

Best price guarantee

We offer you tailor-made solutions to ensure the best results - all at a price that is affordable

Direct contact person

We are at your side personally and offer you support at any time via WhatsApp, email or telephone with any questions you may have

Team of experts with years of experience in the music business

We are 2 music lovers who put our heart and soul into the music industry. We also know the way. We are passionate about passing on our experiences and skills to talented artists every day

Free & non-binding advice

The consultation is 100% free and non-binding. Based on your situation and your individual needs, we will put together a suitable strategy for you to get started in the music business. We are completely honest, transparent and offer solutions to achieve optimal results

What our customers say

Who we are

Oliver D'Alpaos

Producer & Engineer

A Producer & Engineer from Italy with over 25 years of experience (started as a Singer)

Oliver is specialized in modern Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Trap, Drill

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Frequently asked questions

Does the consultation cost me anything?

NO, there are no costs for you! We'll get to know each other and see if we're okay with each other and see if we're a good fit to work together. If it makes sense we can get started right away.

Why should I choose DalSci Music Production and not another producer?

We tailor our productions to your individual needs and understand your passion, and how to bring out the emotion in your music. Of course we use the latest technologies and methods to bring your vision to life, but the bottom line is that we care about you and your music.

What does the typical production process look like and how do I get involved as an artist?

Our production process begins with a detailed briefing where we want to understand your vision, goals and musical preferences. From there we work closely together - from pre-production through recording and mixing to mastering.

How flexible are you in adapting your services to my budget?

We understand that every project is unique and has different budget requirements. That's why we offer flexible packages and tailor-made solutions that are customized to your specific needs and financial abilities.

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